Silvia Negrisolo

Designer from

Silvia was born and grew up in Riviera del Brenta, Venice, which as a strong historical tradition of shoe designing and manufacturing. She studied and worked within the shoe industry since she was young having always had passion for shoes.  

What projects in her mind a new concept regarding a new shoe design is nature. “I think in times where humans are driven by a synthetic and consumistic culture, never like before I feel the need to pursue natural patterns and eco-sustainable materials”, says Silvia. Every material has its own unique features but given her strong interest towards eco-sustainability and recycled materials she would rather use organic material instead of synthetic ones.

The very important purpose for Silvia is to create experiences rather than characterless and temporary accessorises that people will shove away soon after.

Limited editions designed by Silvia Negrisolo

High heel sandal and bootie inspired by the sea.