Belgian designer Laurence Verhaert finds her inspiration in natural materials who transpired out of the wandering civilization of the nomads. Her limited edition consists of 4 shoes, all for different occasions.



€ 355,00


€ 325,00


€ 360,00


€ 319,00

More shoes are on the way.

Laurence is still creating beautiful shoes. We’ll let you know when they arrive in the shop.

Shoe journal

Finishing up the Nomads shoes.
Shop now
Naata are up for sale.
The first fitting
First campaign video promoting my new shoe initiative.

“We stitch the sole of every shoe by hand. It takes around 90 minutes to make one pair. ” —

Picking the right materials: cork heels and jute braided soles
Nomads is made with all-natural materials.
The signature
The braided sole makes it instantly recognizable.
Silla shoes
Beautiful brownies
Amazing social campaign for the Silla shoes by Valerie Henrotay
With fashion editor Marie Honay and Mike Carpino


The designer: Laurence Verhaert

A Belgian shoe designer with a passion for natural materials.

The craftsman: Massimo Vignando

Italian shoemaker. He has developed the concept of making high-quality boots from braided soles.

The craftsman: Andrea Scanferla

Italian innovation expert. He carefully selected high quality cork for the heels and platforms.  

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